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Appendix ข For CAAT’s PDF Form Users

This page contains CAAT’s PDF Forms used to report an occurrence.
Please ensure that reporters use a correct form as indicated in Table 1 of Appendix ข of the CAAT Requirement No. 22 on Reporting of Civil Aviation Occurrences.
I am...
A Civil Aviation Organization (CAO)
 A Thai or foreign air operator [download]
 A general aviation operator [download]
 operating with :
 aeroplane with a maximum take-off weight exceeding 5,700 kg
 aeroplane certified for a maximum seating configuration of more than nine; or
 aeroplane equipped with one or more turbojet engine
 An approved training organization with flight operations [download]
 An approved maintenance organization [download]
 A public aerodrome operator [download]
 An air traffic service provider or communication, navigation and surveillance service provider [download]
 A type design of aircraft, engines or propellers organization [download]
 A manufacturer of aircraft, engines or propellers organization [download]
An Operator (not classified as a CAO)
 An operator operating with : [download]
 aeroplane or helicopter
 sailplanes or gliders
 lighter-than-air vehicles : balloon and airship
An Individual or Other Organization (not classified as a CAO)
 Individuals / Other Organizations [download]
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